programmable timer
                                Multi-function programmable timer (MPT) is intended for programming management
                        of various electrical devices with real time reference,  such as
                        to turn on - to turn off  lights, heating elements, electromechanical products, etc.
                       There are two options for implementation - single channel MPT and dual channel MPT.

Technical specifications:

                                          1. Current time to display  on the display screen  (hours: minutes).
                                          2. The maximum error of time the node is not, more than ± 1 sec / day.
                                          3. The current time can be set and adjusted.
                                          4. Entering the program on / off external devices:
                                              - executions of a single channel - 4 programs x1 chanel;
                                              - executions of a dual channel - 2 programs x2 chanel.
                                    Each program is sets on-time t on (h: min) and time off  t off (hr: min). The control channel is a "dry"
                                    contacts switch- a relay, which removed the outer terminal block  MPT and used for switching loads.
                                          5. Power supply 220(-33+22) V AC, 50 Hz.
                                          6.  Backup power sentry node by a lithium battery type CR1220 (Ub = 3V), tentative
                                    lifetime is not less than 2 years.
                                          7. Restricting the control channel: - the maximum voltage not exceeding  250V;
                                              - maximum current, not more than 7 A.
                                          8. Operating ambient temperature range at a  relative humidity  air 80% - 30 + 40 grad.C.
                                    For reliable operation of the   MPT at low temperatures is provided   its automatic warm-up, starting with 10 grad.C.
                                          9. Dimensions, no  more -  216x165x45 mm .
                                         10. Weight, no more - 1 kg.

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